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JOURNAL FOR 1971             return to top

The Northgate Turnpike   by   N. Spry     1-58
Power at Lower Redbrook-on-Wye in the Early Nineteenth Century   by   D. G. Tucker     59-66
Darkhill Ironworks and the Mushets   by   D. E. Bick     67-73
Turnpike Roads from Gloucester to Cheltenham and Tewkesbury   by   J. F. Bayes and J Roberts     74-84
Old Industrial Tewkesbury   by   Amina Chatwin     85-88
Cycle Industry in Cheltenham   by   Amina Chatwin      89-92
Research Material     93-96
Correspondence     97-99

JOURNAL FOR 1972            return to top

Officers & Committee     2
The Oxenhall Branch of the Herefordshire and Gloucestershire Canal   by   D. E. Bick     3-9
Early Years of the Cheltenham Gas Light & Coke Company and the Beginning of the Tewkesbury Gaslight Company   by   Amina Chatwin     10-35
Mining and Metallurgy, a new source of Research Material   by   M. J. Savory     36-38
The Malt House in Red Lane Tewkesbury   by   Amina Chatwin      39-41
A New History of Gloucestershire, 1779   by   Samuel Rudder     42-47
Book Reviews,     48-51
Research material,     52
Summer Visits 1971-2,     53-57
Conference Report March 1972,     58-59
List of Members,     59-62

JOURNAL FOR 1973             return to top

Officers & Committee     2
Editorial     3-5
Millstone making in Gloucestershire, Wm. Gardner’s Gloucester Millstone Manufactory With a Note on Hudsons of Penallt and Redbrook   by   D. G. Tucker     6-16
Tramways of Gloucestershire A brief History   by   A. E. Fielder     17-30
1801 A Rosy Future for Horse Railways     31
Plaque commemorating the First Lawn Mower   by   G. S. Annis     32-33
A New History of Gloucestershire   by   Samuel Rudder     34-40
Correspondence     40-41
Monkswearmouth Station Museum   by   Neil Sinclair     42-48
Books and Book Reviews     49-52
Summer Visits 1973     53-62
List of Members     63-66

JOURNAL FOR 1974             return to top

Officers & Committee     2
Editorial     3-4
The Origins of the G.S.I.A.   by   Geoffrey Andrew     5-7
Mill Sites on the Longhope & Flaxley and Westbury Streams   by   B. V. Cave     8-32
Guns Mill as a Paper Mill   by   F. J. T . Harris     32-40
A New History of Gloucestershire   by   Samuel Rudder     41-50
Cheltenham’s First Pillar Boxes   by   Amina Chatwin     51
Summer Visits,     52-57
Books and Book Reviews,     58-63, 67-68
Conference of Western I. A. Societies,     57
Lectures Past,     63-64
Cheltenham Sauce.!     64-65
Correspondence arising from the Gazetteer     65-68
List of Members     69-72

JOURNAL FOR 1975             return to top

Editorial     7
History of Papermaking in and near Winchcombe   by   F. J. T. Harris and J. L. Angel     9-65
  Chapter 1, The early years and the Durham family     9
  Chapter 2, The Lloyd family     31
  Chapter 3, W. S. and O. L. Evans     42
  Chapter 4, The middle years – Evans & Co.     44
  Chapter 5, The Adlards     49
  Chapter 6, Evans, Adlard & Co. Ltd.     54
  Chapter 7, Todays remains     60
A new history of Glouceatershire   by   Samuel Rudder     66-71
List of Members     72-75
Books     72-75 & 89
Eastgate Station R. I. P.   by   Rev. W Awdry     76-83
The Iron-Framed Buildings of Portsmouth Dockyard   by   I M Parsons     84-85
Visits     85-87
Annual Dinner     88

JOURNAL FOR 1976             return to top

Editorial     1-2
Roger Wilson   by   Rev. Awdry     3-4
The Origin of Newent Coalmining   by   B. S. Smith     5-6
Dyehouse at Brimscombe Mill   by   Michael Pountney & Geoffrey Beddow     7-12
A New History of Gloucestershire   by   Samuel Rudder     13-16
Hampen Flax Mill   by   Amina Chatwin     17-25
Forge Row Preservation Trust   by   David Anderson     26-29
Dock Company Housing Sharpness, Gloucestershire   by   Anthony J. Isherwood     30-50
The 1st Edition of the Ordnance Survey Drawings   by   B. S. Smith     51-53
Book Reviews and Book News     55-59a
Correspondence     60-65
Summer Visits 1976     66-69
Annual Conference Report     69
List of Members     70-74

JOURNAL FOR 1977-78             return to top

Officers & Committee     (iv)
Editorial     (v)-(vi)
The Bibury Turnpike Trust   by   G. N. Crawford     1-12
The Warehouses at Gloucester Docks   by   A. H. Conway-Jones     13-19
Kilcott Mill   by   W. G. Medlam     20-24
Industrial Archaeology of Moreton in Marsh, Gloucestershire   by   Guy Stapleton     25-29
The Redbrook Tramroad Incline, in the Wye Valley   by   H. W. Paar     30-33
Industrial Archaeology in Tasmania   by   F. R. Richmond     33-39
New History of Gloucestershire   by   Samuel Rudder     40-43
Letters     44-45
Book Reviews  and Notes  46-52
Summer Visits 1977-78     53-59
List of Members     60-64

JOURNAL FOR 1979             return to top

Officers & Committee     (i)
Records of the Newent Coalfield   by   D. E. Bick     1-8
A Ventilation Furnace on the Findall Iron Mine Soudley Forest of Dean   by   Diana Court and I. J. Standing     9-15
Historical Sites of Industrial Importance on Forestry Commission Land in Dean   by   Ian Standing and Stan Coates     16-20
Building the Nailsworth Turnpike   by   Christopher Cox     21-38
Stoke Orchard Mill   by   Frank Richmond     39-49
Conference of Western Industrial Archaeological Societies     49-51
G.S.I.A. Dinner     51
Books and Book Reviews     52-54
Cheltine Foods at the Old Bakery Cheltenham   by   Roger Beecham     55
Summer Visits 1979     56
List of Members     57-59

JOURNAL FOR 1980             return to top

List of Members     inside front cover & 79-80
Officers & Committee     1
Editorial     2
Draught Chimney at Fairplay Mine   by   B. V. Cave     3-6
39-40 High Street Tewkesbury   by   Amina Chatwin     7-17
The Whitecliff Ironworks in The Forest of Dean, Part One 1798-1808   by   I. J. Standing     18-28
Remnants of the Newent Furnace   by   D. E.Bick     29-37
Mining of Coal in the Coleford District   by   I. J. Standing     38-48
Industry in Cranham   by   G.N. Myatt     49-50
Mr Teague’s Railway Some new Information   by   G. Clissold & I. J. Standing     51-60
Conference of Western Industrial Archaeological Societies     60
Landmark   by   Andrew Thynne     61-66
Book Reviews     67-70
Visits     70-71
Index to Journals 1971 to 1979   by   R. Kershaw     72-78

JOURNAL FOR 1981             return to top

Editorial     1
Gun’s Mills, Abenhall   by   B. V. Cave     2
Kilcott Mill Restored   by   W. G. Medlam     3-9
The Gloucester & Berkeley Manuscripts in the Telford Collection   by   G. N. Crawford     9-29
Wool Drying Stoves Along the Painswick Stream   by   Colleen Haine     30-31
“Dear Mushet” a History of the Whitecliff Ironworks Part II   by   I. J. Standing     32-71
A Gloucester Engine in Scotland   by   C. Bowen     72-73
Conference of Western Industrial Archaeological Societies     73
Summer Visits 1981     74-78
Major Ironwork Commissions     78
Book Reviews     79-80
Officers and Committee     inside back cover

JOURNAL FOR 1982             return to top

Editorial     1
The Northleach House of Correction   by   Ann-Rachael Harwood     2-6
The Lightmoor Colliery Winding Engine   by   A. K. Pope     7-12
The Origins of the Cinderford Coke Iron Furnace   by   R. Newman     12-16
Cloth Mills along the Painswick Stream   by   Colleen Haine     17-34
The Bullo Pill Tramroad   by   I. Statham     35-37
The Future of Gloucester Docks   by   G. N. Crawford     38-39
The Future of Gloucester Infirmary   by   I. M. Parsons     40
The Woodchester Roundhouse   by   G. N. Crawford     41-43
Forest of Dean Tramroads   by   I. J. Standing     43-47
13th Western I. A. Conference   by   Alice Carter     48-49
Summer Visits 1982     49-55
Books Reviews     55-57
List of Members     58-60
Officers and Committee    inside back cover

JOURNAL FOR 1983             return to top

Map of Teague’s railway     1
Editorial     2
Glassmaking in Gloucestershire   by   Herbert Penn     3-16
A Forgotten Book on early Gloucestershire Patent History   by   Hugh Torrens     17-23
The Cloth Trade along the Painswick Stream, Part III   by   Colleen Haine     24-37
The Excavation of a Tramroad Siding at Gloucester Docks   by   Hugh Conway-Jones     38-42
Horse Hitches – a Note     42
Road Works   by   C. Cox     43-45
14th Annual Conference of Western IA Societies   by   Alice Carter     45-46
The Iona Marble Quarry & the Gloucester Engine in Scotland   by   D. J. Viner     47
Summer Visits 1983     48-53
Book Reviews,     54-58
List of Members     59-63
The Woodchester Roundhouse: Another Note     63
Bits & Pieces,     64
Officers & Committee     inside back cover

JOURNAL FOR 1984             return to top

Editorial     1
Lime kilns in North-West Gloucestershire   by   D. E. Bick     2-12
Exploring Stroud’s origins – an Introduction   by   I. Mackintosh     13-18
The Cloth Trade along the Painswick Stream IV   by   Colleen Haine     19-33
Tetbury Brewery & Cirencester Maltings   by   D. J. Viner     34-35
More on Painswick Cloth Mills   by   Colleen Haine         36
Coal Mining at Dymock l   by   R. Newman     37-38
A Walk up the Washbrook   by   C. Cox     39-42
Report on 15th Regional Conference of Western IA Societies     43-44
Social Evening in the Forest of Dean     44-45
Notes on Planning Applications     45
Progress Report on Sites & Monuments Record     46
Summer Visits 1984     46-48
Stroud Public Weighbridge     48
Book Reviews     49-52
List of Members     53-56
Tiltup’s End Turnpike Ticket     56
Officers & Committee     inside back cover

JOURNAL FOR 1985             return to top

Editorial     1
The Cloth Trade along the Painswick Stream: Part I   by   Colleen Haine     2-20
Gloucestershire Apothecaries Tokens and their Issuers   by   T. D. Whittet     21-27
A Note on Trade Tokens     28
Laying the Foundation: Stroud in the Sixteenth Century   by   I. Mackintosh     29-38
The Country Railway   by   I. M. Parsons     39-45
Planning Notes   by   I. M. Parsons & G. N. Crawford     46-47
Summer Visits 1985     47-49
GSIA Social Evening     49
Joint GSIA/GADARG Event     50
Book Reviews     50-52
List of Members     53-55
Further extracts from Samuel Rudder     56
Officers & Committee     inside back cover.

JOURNAL FOR 1986             return to top

Editorial     1
The Whitecliff Ironworks in the Forest of Dean   by   I. J. Standing     2-20
Chalford to Westminster   by   C. Cox     20
Coombend Bone Mill, Elkstone   by   J. V. Garrett     21-22
A Mushet Mystery   by   D. E. Bick     23-25
Skinner’s Mill   by   Colleen Haine     26-28
The Metropolitan Town of the Clothing Trade   by   I. Mackintosh     29-39
Planning: Mills of the Stroud Valleys   by   G. N. Crawford     40
Summer Visits 1986     41-43
Book Reviews     43-45
Travel Notes: A Page from an Early Nineteenth Century Road Book     45-46
Travel Notes: A Rather Untrustworthy Tollroad   by   C. Cox     47-50
Travel Notes: Three men in a (Canal) Boat     51
A Note on Clothiers Marks   by   C. Cox     52
A Note on a Conference on the Brewing Industry   by   Amber Patrick     52
List of Members     53-56

JOURNAL FOR 1987             return to top

Editorial     1
The Stonehouse & Nailsworth Railway   by   M. J. Hoy     2-16
The Industrial Heritage of Bixhead & Bixslade in the Forest of Dean   by   I.J. Standing     17-32
Steamboat Builders of Brimscombe – Part 1   by   A. M. Langford     33-41
Main Roads through Painswick   by   Colleen Haine     42-49
A Very Ordinary House   by   L. F. R. Anstis     50-55
Cainscross Preserved   by   C. Cox     56-57
Milestones Restored   by   John Hartland     58-59
More on the Bone Mill   by   J. V. Garrett     59
Home Again!     by   C. Cox     60-61
Summer Visits 1987     62-64
Book Reviews     65-67
The Association for Industrial Archaeology   by   Amber Patrick     68-69
List of Members     69-72
Officers & Committee     inside back cover

JOURNAL FOR 1988             return to top

Editorial     1
The Steam Boat Builders of Brimscombe – Part 2   by   A.M. Langford     3-30
Pop Bottles   by   J. R. Simmons     21
Wigpool Iron Mine – Surface Drainage   by   C. R. Bowen     21-27
The Stonehouse Railway Accident   by   J. R. Simmons     28-29
Dunkirk Mills, Nailsworth, A New Chapter   by   Ray Wilson     30-31
Book Reviews     32-35
Summer Visits 1988     36-41
Conference Reports     42-46
Officers & Committee Members     47
List of Members     48-55

JOURNAL FOR 1989             return to top

Editorial     1
Charles Baker of Painswick and Cheltenham and the Development of Roads around Stroud and Cheltenham in the Early Part of the 19th Century   by   J. V. Garrett     2-8
A Distant Prospect, Being a Brief Look at Industrial Relations In the Stroudwater Area 200 Years Ago   by   C. Cox     8-20
Beard’s Mill Viaduct   by   Stephen Mills     21
The Nailsworth Engineers   by   Tony Youles     22-31
Circular Wool Drying Towers   by   Ray Wilson     32-35
Stroud Valleys Project   by   C. H. A. Townley     35-36
Dunkirk Mills, Nailsworth: A Progress Report   by   Ray Wilson     36-38
GSIA Summer Visits 1989     39-45
Book Reviews     46-51
The Association for Industrial Archaeology   by   Amber Patrick     52-56
Officers & Committee Members     57
List of Members     58-61

JOURNAL FOR 1990             return to top

Editorial     1
The Nailsworth Engineers Part 2.   by   Tony Youles     2-13
Network, Turnpike Roads in the Stroudwater Area in the Eighteenth Century   by   Christopher Cox     14-25
How Good was the Steam Locomotive?   by   John Hopkinson     26-31
Hosiery Manufacture at Dunkirk Mills, Nailsworth   by   Ray Wilson     32-42
A Note on Stowell Mill   by   Stephen Mills     43-48
Boulton & Watt Engines Supplied to Gloucestershire, A Preliminary List   by   Nicholas Kingsley     49-53
A Note on Some Early Water Turbines and Hydroelectric Generating Schemes   by   Stephen Mills     53-59
Dunkirk Mills Nailsworth, Chapter Three   by   Ray Wilson     60-62
Summer Visits 1990     62-70
Book Reviews     71-72
Officers & Committee Members     73
List of Members     74-76
Index to Journals 1980 to 1989   by   N. C. Ferry     77-83<

JOURNAL FOR 1991             return to top

Editorial     1
Leonard Stanley Tannery, A Preliminary Report   by   Stephen Mills     2-12
GWR Omnibus Services and Garage at Stroud   by   Ray Wilson     13-16
Swallow Holes and Mine Drainage in the Forest of Dean   by   C. R. Bowen     17-27
Beards Mill and the Mender’s Shop (Leonard Stanley)   by   Stephen Mills     28-33
Iron Working at Flaxley Abbey   by   H.J. Ellis     34-44
Industrial Archaeology and my Family   by   J.W. Gardner Young     45-47
Dunkirk Mills Nailsworth: In the Doldrums   by   Ray Wilson     48-50
Book Reviews     50-53
Summer Visits 1991     54-63
The Association for Industrial Archaeology   by   Amber Patrick     64
Officers & Committee Members     65
List of Members     66-68

JOURNAL FOR 1992             return to top

Editorial     1
The Origins of Gloucester’s Canal   by   Hugh Conway-Jones     2-7
Fielding & Platt, An innovative Gloucester engineering company   by   Stephen Mills     8-17
Electricity Generation at Longfords Mill   by   Ray Wilson     18-26
Harriett: Last of the Kennet Barges   by   Stuart Bryan & Judith Hague     27-33
A Channel Bridge   by   Jim Simmons     33-36
Making Ammunition in the English Civil War   by   Russell Howes     37-39
Book Reviews     39-44
Summer Visits 1992     44-51
The Association for Industrial Archaeology   by   Amber Patrick     52-53
Officers & Committee Members     54
List of Members     55-57

JOURNAL FOR 1993             return to top

Editorial     2
Cheltenham Mills.   by   Amina Chatwin     3-15
Conserving Mineralogical Sites in Afforested Areas: Problems and Strategies   by   Ian Standing     16-22
An Unrecorded Mill Site near Slad   by   Stephen Mills     23-26
Scenes at Sharpness Docks by Samuel Loxton   by   Ray Wilson     27-29
The Steam Rail Motor Cars Built by the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company Limited for the Great Western Railway   by   Ralph Tutton     29-36
Record of Tidal Outfall at Hill Pill   by   Ray Wilson     37-43
Book Reviews     43-48
Summer Visits 1993     48
Officers & Committee Members     56
List of Members     57-60
The Association for Industrial Archaeology   by   Amber Patrick     60

JOURNAL FOR 1994             return to top

Editorial     2
The Classical Bridge Houses on the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal   by   Hugh Conway-Jones     3-8
Gloucester Deal Porters in the 1920s – 1930s Major Walker in conversation with John Rhodes     9-11
A Short History of Newman Hender & Co   by   Roy K. Close     11-23
Underground Quarry Workings at Quarry Wood, Sherborne Park, Gloucestershire   by   Arthur Price     23-27
The IA of Woodchester Park – An Interim Note   by   Ray Wilson     28-32
National Filling Factory No 5 Quedgeley   by   Brian Edwards     32-52
The Match Industry in Gloucester   by   Peter Campion     53-56
Stroudwater Canal Cranes: (Part One)   by   Ray Wilson     57-62
Oil Mill, Ebley (Ebley Corn Mill)   by   Stephen Mills     63-65
Book Reviews     66-69
Summer Visits 1994     69-78
The Association for Industrial Archaeology   by   Amber Patrick     78
Officers and Committee Members     79
List of Members     80-83

JOURNAL FOR 1995             return to top

Editorial     2
Frank Simmonds Recalls his Quarrying and Building Career   by   Arthur Price     3-12
The Slimbridge Munitions Depot   by   Brian Edwards     13-21
Stroudwater Canal Cranes: (Part Two) The Dudbridge Crane   by   Ray Wilson     21-25
The Herefordshire and Gloucestershire Canal   by   C. R. Penny     26-33
A History of Van Moppes – I.D.P. Ltd   by   T.Southgate     34-35
Stroud Lecture Series Autumn 1995   by   Ray Wilson     35-36
The Association for Industrial Archaeology   by   Amber Patrick     36
The Stroud Pin Makers   by   Stephen Mills     37-42
Early Public Electricity Supply at Stroud   by   Ray Wilson     43-46
Book Reviews     47
Summer Visits 1995     48-57
Officers and Committee Members     58
List of Members     59-62

JOURNAL FOR 1996             return to top

Editorial     2
Lewis and Hole Ltd, 1946 – 1996   by   Tony Youles     3-10
Lewis and Hole Ltd, Dudbridge Foundry   by   C. D Hole     11-18
The Old Dock House at Sharpness and its Occupants   by   Hugh Conway-Jones     19-25
Little Barrington Paper Mill   by   Basil Harley & R. T. Holmes     26-34
Stick Manufacture in the Stroud Valleys   by   Stephen Mills     35-41
Coaley Mill – Corn, Cloth and Ironworks   by   Ray Wilson     42-50
The Gas Works at Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire   by   A. S. Jackson     51-56
The Malthouse, Wightfield Manor Farm, Deerhurst, Near Apperley, Gloucestershire   by   Amber Patrick     57-61
Summer Visits 1996     62-70
Book Reviews     71-74
Officers and Committee Members     75
List of Members     76-79

JOURNAL FOR 1997             return to top

Rev Awdry 1911 – 1997, An Appreciation     2
Cloth, Pins and Leather An Examination of Frogmarsh Mill, Woodchester   by   Nigel Paterson & Stephen Mills     3-13
The Stonehouse Brick and Tile Company   by   Ray Wilson     14-26
Nonconformism in Southern Gloucestershire 1690-1900   by   Tony Youles         27-36
Cinderford Water Supply   by   D. A. Pearce     37-51
Windrush Double Beam Pumps   by   Basil Harley & R. T. Holmes     52-58
The Malthouse attached to Church Farm, Littledean, Gloucestershire   by   Amber Patrick     59-64
Book Reviews     65-73
Summer Visits 1997     74-81
Officers and Committee Members     82

JOURNAL FOR 1998             return to top

Editorial     2
Obituary: Jim Simmons     3
Stroud and the Wild West   by   Jim Simmons     4-5
Fromebridge Mill, Frampton-on-Severn   by   Stephen Mills     6-22
Quenington Corn Mill and its Peripatetic Water Wheel   by   D. J. Viner     23-31
The Mill At Field Farm, Coaley   by   A.J. Bozworth     32-33
The Approaches to Sapperton Railway Tunnels   by   Tony Youles     34-39
The Tewkesbury And Cheltenham Roads   by   A. Cossons     40-46
Gas Supply At Wotton-under-edge   by   Ray Wilson     47-54
The Malthouse, The Old Corner Cupboard, Gloucester Street, Winchcombe, Glos.   by   Amber Patrick     55-58
Richard Clyburn, Agricultural Engineer, and the Uley Cultivator.   by   Dennis Chapman     59-62
The First Use of Brick in Newent   by   John Rhodes     62
Book Reviews     63-65
Summer Visits 1998     66-73
Officers & Committee Members     74
List of Members     75-78

JOURNAL FOR 1999             return to top

Editorial     2
Obituary: Harry Townley     2
GSIA: the First 35 Years   by   Ray Wilson     3-37
The Fosse Cross Limeworks   by   D. E. Bick     38-43
The Centenary of Casein   by   John Morgan     44-50
Whitbread Flowers Brewery and Malthouse, Cheltenham   by   Sheila Ely         51-60
The Mystery of Cloth Manufacture at Fromebridge Mill   by   Stephen Mills     61-66
Book Reviews     67
Summer Visits     68-75
Officers & Committee Members     76

JOURNAL FOR 2000             return to top

Editorial     2
Three Interesting Gloucestershire Signposts   by   Hugh Conway-Jones     3-5
Millend Mill, Eastington – the Past and the Future   by   Stephen Mills     6-18
Tramroad Remains in the Forest of Dean   by   Tony Youles     19-26
The Column At Selsley : An 1851 Survivor   by   Theo Stening     27-32
Mills in the Inchbrook Valley   by   Mitchell Pollington     33-41
GSIA and the Internet   by   Ray Wilson     42-44
Book Reviews     45
GSIA Summer Visits 2000     49
Officers and Committee (1999 – 2000)     56
List of Members     57
Index (1990-2001)     61

JOURNAL FOR 2001             return to top

Editorial and Obituaries,     2-3
Siddington Round Tower – Function Or Folly?   by   David Viner     4-11
The Mills of Sapperton   by   Stephen Mills     12-21
Restoration of The Cotswold Canals   by   Theo Stening     22-29
Coal Pen At Ryeford Stonehouse, Gloucestershire   by   Joan Tucker         30-33
The Column At Selsley : An 1851 Survivor: Appendix   by   Theo Stening     34
Leckhampton Quarries   by   Ray Wilson     35-46
Bus Shelters of Gloucestershire 2001   by   Derrick Hall     47-53
Landscape Archaeology, Course 2001   by   Penny Fernando     54-56
2001 Visits Reports,     57-64
Book Reviews,     65-67
Officers (2000 – 2001),     68
Committee (2000 – 2001),     68
List of Members,     69-72

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Editorial     2
Obituary Dr Christopher Cox     3
The Battledown Brickworks   by   D. A. O’Connor     4-18
The Rise and Fall of Henry Hicks, Clothier of Eastington   by   Stephen Mills     19-28
The Malthouse and the Brewhouse, The Old Brewery, Brockhampton, Gloucestershire   by   Amber Patrick     29-36
Tramroad Remains in the Forest of Dean (Part Two)   by   Tony Youles     37-43
The Cotswold Canals Restoration: An Update in July 2003   by   Theo Stening     44-45
A ‘Long’ Story – (of Mill and Mine Owners)   by   David Hardwick     46-54
The former ‘Axiom’ Building, 57-59 Winchcombe Street, Cheltenham   by   Klara Sudbury     55-63
GSIA Proposals for the Management of the Industrial Archaeology of Leckhampton Hill   by   Ray Wilson     64-66
Recording the Demolition of the Lister-Petter Factory at Dursley in Summer 2002   by   Ray Wilson     67-68
Summer Visits Reports 2002     69-76
Book Reviews     77-83
Officers (2001 – 2002)     84
Committee (2001 – 2002)     84

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Editorial     2
The Introduction of the Tin-Plate Industry to the Lower Wye Valley and the Newerne Valley of the Forest of Dean   by   Pat Morris     3-9
Malvern Mill at Blockley – The Fortunes of a North Cotswold Watermill   by   Jeremy Bourne     10-17
The Gloucester Horse Tram   by   Ray Wilson and Robert Jones     18-30
Delving In Dean: The Delves – An Area of Unrecorded Early Coal Mining   by   Tony Youles     31-35
Eighteenth Century Slag Construction Blocks in Gloucestershire – A Survey   by   Nigel Spry     36-58 
The Restoration of the Cotswold Canals: August 2004 Update   by   Theo Stening     59-61
Survey of Sheepwash Sites in the Cotswolds Area of Natural Beauty   by   Derek Hurst     62-64
How a Gloucester Flour Mill Made Legal History   by   Hugh Conway-Jones         65-66
South Gloucestershire Mines Research Group   by   David Hardwick and Roger Gosling     67-68
Summer Visits Reports 2003     69-77
Book Reviews     78-83
Officers (2002 -2003)     84
Committee (2002 – 2003)     84

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Editorial     2
Delving In Dean: The Delves – An Area of Unrecorded Early Coal Mining (Part Two)   by   Tony Youles     3-11
Samuel Bradshaw of Cam and his South African Mill   by   Ann and Martin Bailey     12-18
The Development of Tin Plating at Lydbrook   by   Pat Morris     19-30
Howard & Powell, Wallbridge Mill, Rodborough, Stroud   by   Ray Wilson     31-41
Coal And Steam – The Arrival of Steam Power in Stroud’s Woollen Mills   by   Stephen Mills     42-52
William Eassie – A Notable Victorian Contractor   by   Hugh Conway-Jones     53-58
The Restoration of the Cotswold Canals: October 2005 Update   by   Theo Stening     59-62
Summer Visits Reports 2004     63-71
Book Reviews     72-75
Officers (2004 – 2005)     76
Committee (2004 – 2005)     76

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Editorial     2
David Ewart Bick   1929 – 2006     2-3
Gloucester Folk Museum and the Mechanisation of the Pin Industry   by   Nigel Cox     4-18
Llanthony Railway Yard and Swing Bridge Over the Severn   by   Hugh Conway-Jones     19-27
The Restoration of the Cotswold Canals:   September 2006 Update   by   Theo Stening     28-29
Hillier’s Bacon Curing Factory, Newmarket, Nailsworth   by   Ann Makemson     30-36
Brunel’s Great Eastern Steamship The Launch Fiasco – An Investigation   by   Keith Hickman     37-43
The Mechanical Malting Company, Millend Mill, Eastington, and the Sleemans   by   Amber Patrick     44-51
Railway Boundary Markers in Gloucestershire   by   John Putley         52-56
Summer Visits Reports    2005     57-64
Book Reviews     65-67 
Officers    (2004 -2005)     68 
Committee (2004 – 2005)     68

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Editorial     2
Ian Parsons  1924 – 2007     2
GSIA Projects in Support of the Restoration of the Stroudwater Canal   by   Ray Wilson     3-11
Stroudwater Canal Heritage Projects (Report for 1 October 2006 – 30 April 2007)   by   Ray Wilson     12-19
Stroudwater Canal Features Influenced by the Ship Canal to Gloucester   by   Hugh Conway-Jones     20-26
Stone on the Cotswold Canals   by   Arthur Price     27-28
The Restoration of the Cotswold Canals: September 2007 Update   by   Theo Stening     29-31
Mills Around Newent   by   David Viner, with contributions from Steph Gillett, David McDougall, Stephen Mills and Linda Viner     32-41
The Nailsworth Brewery Maltings, Tetbury Lane, Nailsworth, Gloucestershire   by   Amber Patrick     42-52
S Harris & Co’s Mineral Water Manufactory at Gloucester   by   Hugh Conway-Jones     53-54
Summer Visits Reports 2006     55-62
Book Reviews     63-64
List of Contents of Newsletters and Journals (1964-2006)   by   Ray Wilson     65-75
Officers (2005 – 2006)     76
Committee (2005 – 2006)     76

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Editorial     2
Nicks & Co, Long Established Timber Merchants of Gloucester   by   Hugh Conway-Jones     3-13
The Regulation of Quarrying in the Forest of Dean in 1841   by   Ian Standing     14-30
Jakob Schwarz, A Forest of Dean Underground Quarryman   by   Arthur Price     31-36
The Malthouse, Woodmancote, Dursley   by   Amber Patrick     37-40
The Restoration of the Cotswold Canals, April 2008 Update   by   Theo Stening     41-44
W S Barron & Son, Mill Engineers of Gloucester   by   Stephen Mills     45-49
GSIA Visit Reports for 2007     50-58
Book Reviews     59
Officers 2006 – 2007     60
Committee 2006 – 2007     60
List of GSIA Members     61-64

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Editorial     2
Downing’s Malthouses, Merchants Road, Gloucester   by   Hugh Conway-Jones and Gordon Higgs     3-6
Henry Hicks – A Man of Wide Horizons.   by   Stephen Mills     7-17
The Mill at ‘The Barracks’, King’s Stanley   by   Peter Griffin     18-23
Redbrook Iron Works: an Examination of the Evidence From Thomas Ansley’s Account Book for 1794-1798   by   Pat Morris     24-36
Delving in Dean: the Delves – an Area of Unrecorded Early Coal Mining (Part Three)  by   Tony Youles, Penny Fernando, Tony Burton and Frank Colls     37-52
The Restoration of the Cotswold Canals, March 2009 Update.   by   Theo Stening     53-55
GSIA Visit Reports for 2008     56-63
Book Reviews     64-67
Officers 2007 – 2008     68
Committee 2007 – 2008     68

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Editorial     2
From Willow to Wicket:  A Lost Cricket Bat Willow Plantation in Leonard Stanley.   by   Stephen Mills     3-8
Matthews & Company – Gloucester’s Premier Furniture Manufacturers   by   Hugh Conway-Jones     9-13
Two Recently Discovered Field Books from Sopwith’s Mineral Survey of the Forest of Dean   by   Ian Standing     14-22
The Canal Round House at Inglesham Lock   by   John Copping    (Adapted for the GSIA Journal   by Alan Strickland)     23-35
Upper Redbrook Iron Works 1798-9: David Tanner’s Bankruptcy   by   Pat Morris     36-40
The Malthouse, Tanhouse Farm, Church End, Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire   by   Amber Patrick     41-46
The Restoration of the Cotswold Canals, July 2010 Update   by   Theo Stening     47-50
GSIA Visit Reports for 2009      51-57
Book Reviews     58-59
Officers 2008 – 2009     60
Committee 2008 – 2009     60

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Editorial     2
The Pumping Engine House at Gloucester Docks   by   Hugh Conway-Jones     3-7
Millend Mill – The End of an Era – Part 1   by   Stephen Mills      8-22
The Factory Cottages, Lydney   by   Pat Morris      23-27
Charles Richardson, Civil Engineer, in Gloucestershire 1835 – 45   by   Peter Griffin     28-38
Gloucestershire Across the Atlantic, The Story of a Travelling Cottage and Smithy   by   Theo Stening     39-42
The Malthouse, Seymour House Hotel, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire   by   Amber Patrick     43-51
The Restoration of the Cotswold Canals, August 2011 Update   by   Theo Stening     52-56
GSIA Visit Reports for 2010     57-62
Book Reviews and Notices     63
Officers 2009 – 2010     64
Committee 2009 – 2010     64

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Editorial     2
Millend Mill – Part 2: The Boulton & Watt Engine House   by   Stephen Mills     3-12
Gloucester Lock – Opened 200 Years Ago   by   Hugh Conway-Jones      13-18
Malt Kiln Tiles in Gloucestershire   by   Amber Patrick       19-32
John James, Ironmaster   by   Pat Morris     33-44
The Restoration of the Cotswold Canals, August 2012 Update   by   Theo Stening     45-49
The Thames Statue at Lechlade   by   Theo Stening     50
GSIA Visit Reports for 2011     51-58
Book Reviews     59
Officers 2010 – 2011     60
Committee 2010 – 2011     60

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Editorial     2
The Upper Parting Tar Works, Sandhurst, and Associated Transport Arrangements   by   Hugh Conway-Jones     3-8
Lionel Hook & Sons Ltd 1904-1974   by   Barry Harrison       9-24
Water Supply in the Dursley Area 1890-1974   by   Peter Harris       25-35
The Cider Industry and the Glass Bottle   by   36     36-40
The Restoration of the Cotswold Canals, August 2013 Update   by   Theo Stening     41-47
GSIA Visit Reports for 2012     48-56
Book Reviews     57-59
Officers 2011 – 2012     60
Committee 2011 – 2012     60