The main purpose of this site is to provide information about the Gloucestershire Society for Industrial Archaeology, its activities and details of membership. The site also provides links to information on industrial archaeology and related topics.

At present only a few topics are covered in the industrial archaeology section. These include a list of Boulton and Watt steam engines supplied to Gloucestershire. A copy of the General Index to GSIA Journals 1971-present and GSIA Newsletters 1-14 is available for searching.  The contents lists for the GSIA Journals 1971-present and GSIA Newsletters 1-14 can also be searched.

The events page gives information about GSIA lectures, walks, visits and other activities.

The site map provides an alphabetical listing of the available links. This is useful if you already know the name of the site, alternatively you may care to browse through it for sites of interest.

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