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C01. 9 Nov 1882. Receipt from Conduit Colliery, Brownhills     image
Receipt for payment for 23 tons coal at 10s per ton and 11 tons slack at 3s 6d per ton.

C02. 17 Oct 1885. Card from [boatman] John Webb, Wolverhampton     image
This is to inform you that we shall be at Walsall on Monday if alls well. We have left about another load there [Gloucester?]. If you comes to Gloucester, will you see some of the head ones about charging so much wharfage, 5s per boat, which brings the tonnage dearer than bringing it from Stroud. Please send orders to Walsall post office for Tuesday.

C03. 16 Aug 1887. Card from [Job] Gardiner, [Daneway Mills & coal merchant], Sapperton     image
Will you kindly oblige me by bringing 5 cwts of smith’s coals when you are coming up.

C04. 9 Apr 1891. Card from W Beckingham [hay trusser, Stroud]     image
Please to send two wagons on Saturday. I have sent 32 cwt of hay on to London on Wednesday.

C05. 11 Apr 1891. Letter from Cory Brothers & Co Ltd [colliery owners], Cardiff     image
Flora. We enclose herewith supplementary invoice for 18 tons of Dock Small shipped per this vessel, but which we regret was omitted from our previous invoice, owing to the fact that this quantity was in other people’s wagons. We shall be glad to receive your cheque for £7 9s 2d in due course.

C06. 15 Apr 1891. Letter from E N King, [saddler], Regent St, Stonehouse     image
It would be doing me a great favour by letting me have a cheque by Saturday morning as I have a bill of £58 to meet on Monday and am not at all prepared. PS. Further orders will oblige.

C07. 24 Jan 1892. Letter from [barge master] H Watkins, Chepstow     image
In answer to your letter this morning, if I had received it at Newport we could have got there this morning as well as coming to Chepstow. I sent you the address where to find me there. The men was not willing to go from here empty to Cardiff, so I got Davis [stone merchant] to load us for Bristol and we shall finish to leave in the morning. I hope to be at Cardiff the later part of the week. I will try and see Sharp [coal merchant, Shirehampton] when we get to Bristol. If you want to write to me at Bristol, send to Harris.

C08. 6 Jul 1892. Card from [barge master] H Watkins, Cardiff     image
We left the …. last night and arrived here today and have begun discharging. We are not to load for Sharp [coal merchant, Shirehampton] as they have some by rail. I have …. tonight to load for Bristol, and …. Write when load.

C09. 23 Dec 1892. Card from Joseph Dickenson [grocer], Stroud     image
My lowest price for the rick is £18 net cash.

C10. 17 Jan 1893. Letter from Job Gardiner, timber & coal merchant, Daneway, Sapperton     image
If the coal you have in your boat is good quality, please send it as quickly as possible. Your man told me it was two trucks of Best Bullo and one truck of Engine.

C11. 24 Jan 1893. Letter from E N King, saddler, Stonehouse     image
Sorry I was out today when you called. Will attend to you at once if you give me okay and do you well.

C12. 27 Jan 1893. Card from Chas Hurley & Co, Colliery Agents, Shrewsbury & Stourbridge     image
May I send you another truck of mitre hands as last, which I hope pleased you.

C13. 31 Jan 1893. Memo from James Smith, colliery owner & coal factor, Stroud [A director of the Trafalgar Colliery Co Ltd]     image
In reply to your favour enclosing account and asking for cheque, you will see the balance is a little in my favour. Please send a cheque with accounts receipted, and I will return your account receipted.

C14. 13 Feb 1893. Letter from Little & Mills, [solicitors], Stroud     image
We enclose the conveyance to Mr Meecham [boatman?] duly completed together with an abstract of the vendor’s title, both of which you will perhaps hand to him. We shall be glad of a line acknowledging the receipt.

C15. 15 Feb 1893. Memo from Henry Workman, steam saw mills, Woodchester     image
As you …. (no doubt) have boats going up to Birmingham and the Black Country, it has occurred to me whether you could not sometimes take some small consignments of bags, bundles, etc. Do you think you can do so? If you can, I shall often be able to give you some traffic.

C16. 9 Mar 1893. Letter from James Smith, Stroud [A director of the Trafalgar Colliery Co Ltd]     image
I beg to inform you that on and after the 10th of March, and until further notice, my prices for my Trafalgar Colliery Coals will be: Best Block 12s 9d per ton, Seconds ditto 12s per ton, Rubbles 12s per ton, including truck hire, on the usual terms of payment. Thanking you for past favours, and soliciting a continuance of the same.

C17. 14 Mar 1893. Letter from Stroud Mutual Provident and Sick Benefit Society, Stroud     image
Under Rule 4 Sec 2, you have been nominated to enquire strictly into the health, age and character of the persons named in the enclosed Enquiry Forms, who are proposed as members of this Society, and you are desired to answer as accurately as you can the questions therein contained. The information must be obtained from independent sources, and not from the person proposed as a candidate. You will please forward your report to me at least three days before the next meeting of the Committee of Management which will be held on 30th instant. In default of your doing so, you will be fined one shilling.

C18. 15 Mar 1893. Price List from Parkend Deep Navigation Collieries Ltd, Lydney     image
Please note that on and after today our prices will be: house coal 11s 3d to 12s 3d per ton in buyers trucks and steam coal 6s 3d in buyers trucks (more details given). Use of colliery trucks 6d per ton and railway carriage to Brimscombe 3s per ton. We have pleasure in informing you that we have now changed our method of screening Hand-picked block and Rubbles and that these two descriptions are much improved in size and freedom from small. Your early orders will oblige.

C19. 15 Mar 1893. Telegram from Manganese [S G Bailey & Co, paint & varnish manufacturers, Stafford Mills, Thrupp], Stroud     image
Imperative Marie(?) out tomorrow. When is barge. Wire urgent.

C20. 15 Mar 1893. Letter from Bernard Edwards [colliery agent], George St, Gloucester     image
Yours to hand. I wired early this morning ‘Will do cargo price named, send barge down’. I will do a cargo at the 7s, and must see what can be done. Thanking you for letter.

C21. 15 Mar 1893. Memo from Nurse Bros & Field, ship chandlers, sailmakers & shipbrokers, Gloucester     image
Will your rate from here to Birmingham for slate and cement be the same as your boatmen quoted for deals, viz 5s 10d per ton. We have some friends likely to be sending a quantity from here. Your reply will oblige.

Reply: 5s 4d Worcester Wharf [Birmingham].

C22. 20 Mar 1893, 8.49am. Telegram from Field, Saul     image
Steamboat arrived. Trows commenced. Must discharge Tuesday. Where is Meadows. Going Cardiff today. Wire.

Reply. Flora at Newport. Don’t know what is doing. See him and arrange if you want him.

C23. 20 Mar 1893, 12.17pm. Telegram from [barge master] at Alexandra Dock, Newport    image
Flora shipped 30 tons. Wire orders Powell’s office immediate. [Powell Duffryn Steam Coal Co Ltd]

C24. 23 Mar 1893, 2.22pm. Telegram from Saul     image
Both trows commenced discharging. Boat loading Brimscombe. Send boats.

C25. 28 Mar 1893. Letter from W Selwyn, shoddy & millpuff manufacturer, Toadsmoor Mills     image
What will you deliver the bales of carpets to Toadsmoor for, per ton, which are lying at Brimscombe Wharf, together with about 50 bales lying in R Grists yard.

Reply: 2s 6d per ton.

C26. 14 Apr 1893. Letter from Cole & Lewis, bacon curers, Cirencester     image
Will you please say what your charge will be to bring a barge load of sawdust from Ryeford Saw Mills to Cirencester wharf, loaded loose into boat, not put in sacks.

C27. 14 April 1893. Letter from Price Walker & Co Ltd, timber & slate importers, Gloucester     image
We beg to enclose our cheque for the sum of £7 3s 0d. Please oblige us by returning in course of post the annexed form of receipt duly signed.

C28. 12 May 1893. Card from W Townsend [hay & corn dealer], Stroud     image
I have 200 sacks beans just arrived at Sharpness, which I want brought to Stroud. Call and see me tomorrow.

C29. 13 May 1893. Card from King & Scarborough, Ryeford Saw Mills, Stonehouse     image
The captain of the boat ‘Ann Maria’ has not returned the signed ticket for the last load of sawdust which went to Cole & Lewis, [bacon curers], Cirencester. Kindly obtain this for us.

C30. 23 May 1893. Letter from Stroudwater Navigation Co, Wallbridge     image
I beg herewith to enclose amended accounts as requested. I should be glad if you could settle the same this week before or on Friday as it is the pay day on Friday and we are short of cash. If you could do so you would greatly oblige.

C31. 31 May 1893. Letter from Morris & Griffin Ltd, manufacturing chemists, Newport     image
In reply to your postcard, we have had so many demands for orders ex steamer to be sent by rail that we shall be unable to send any of the cargo by barge.

C32. 1 Jun 1893. Letter from Stroudwater Navigation Co, Wallbridge     image
I beg herewith to enclose tonnage account for June which I hope you will find correct. I should esteem it a great favour if you would please try and settle the May account as I want to close my books and I have some accounts to settle. Let me have your bill for carriage of the 2 tons timber from Gloucester to Eastington. Please note that toll on same was not charged.

C33. 1 Jun 1893. Memo from George Waller & Co, engineers, founders & boiler makers [Phoenix Ironworks, Thrupp]     image
We are much in want of the gas coke you have order for from Gloucester. Please say if it is on the way and when you expect to deliver it at the foundry.

C34. 3 Jun 1893. Letter from Stroudwater Navigation Co, Wallbridge     image
I see Kimmins & Drew, [millers at Dudbridge and Lightpill], have had in at Sharpness 1000 tons of wheat. Could you do anything with it? You have the rates. If you can, write at once – warehouse free.

C35. 16 Jun 1893. Price List from Pump House Brick Works & Tileries, West Bromwich     image
We have the following seconds goods in stock today, which are on offer at prices affixed opposite [details given].

C36. 20 Jun 1893. Memo from King & Scarborough, Ryeford Saw Mills, Stonehouse     image
We understand from Mr Townsend that you are sending boat for sawdust. If you can send same at once, we have plenty on hand and shall be able to load you quickly. Lydney Boxes: these are now ready and waiting, we hope barge will be here today as arranged.

C37. 20 Jun 1893. Card from W G Lock [timber merchant], Nags Head, Cirencester     image
I have hauled in some of the oak to Wharf, and if is possible I should be much obliged if you could send boats for some of it before the water gets any lower as it will save any trouble with the Canal Co like we had last year. Please do your best.

C38. 24 Jun 1893. Note from John Butt, wholesale & retail coal merchant, Dudbridge Wharf     image
Are you in want of two donkeys. I have two for sale with or without harness, nose tins and long spreaders. I will sell for £3 10s. Both cut male donkeys. Joseph Butt.

C39. 24 Jun 1893. Memo from Cannock & Rugeley Colliery Co Ltd, Hednesford     image
In reply to your letter of 22nd inst, I regret the slack was not suitable but at the same time it was loaded according to your order, and I can assure you it was very good quality for slack at that price. We have big slack at 7s 6d per ton which is much rougher and which I think must have been the quality you wanted. I am sorry I cannot reduce the price as others are paying the same and we have a great demand for it – in fact we cannot meet the demand.

C40. 26 Jun 1893.Memo from George Waller & Co, engineers, founders & boiler makers, Park St, Southwark     image
Please send us postal order or pay account 11s at our Stroud works [Phoenix Ironworks, Thrupp] before 30 June.

C41. 27 Jun 1893. Card from George Waller & Co, Phoenix Engineering Works, Southwark     image
Please advise our Stroud Works [Phoenix Ironworks, Thrupp] when they may expect the gas coke from Gloucester.

C42. 27 Jun 1893. Letter from East Cannock Colliery Company Ltd, Hednesford     image
We thank you for your inquiry of the 26th instant and shall be pleased to quote if you will let us know over what period the 20 boats will be taken.

C43. 27 Jun 189[3*] Letter from Speech House Collieries Co Ltd, Lydney     image
Definite notices have been posted at all the Forest collieries, except ours, to close the pits on July 8th pending a settlement of the wages question. It is not our present intention to stop our colliery, and we shall endeavour to continue to supply the requirements of all our customers, but having regard to the probability of action being taken generally throughout all the Federation districts, in which we should doubtless join, we would advise your taking a reasonable and early supply of coal.

*The Forest of Dean Owners Association stated that since 1888, the wages paid to miners had increased by 33% as the price of coal had increased. In the past year, there had been a serious fall in the price of coal, but the men had refused to accept lower wages. The owners have therefore, with great reluctance and regret, been forced to close down their colleries, as it is obviously impossible to continue working them when large losses are being made. (Bristol Mercury 8 Jul 1893)

C44. 28 Jun 1893. Letter from W J Snape, Stroudwater Navigation Co, Wallbridge     image
I should like to know if you intend to proceed any further with the memorial which took me so much time and trouble to prepare for you. If not, I will put all the papers on one side and let you have Mr Collins’s bill for printing.

C45. 28 Jun 1893. Letter from Speech House Collieries Co Ltd, Lydney     image
I beg to call your attention to your overdue account amounting to 4s 8d balance of April a/c and to request the favour of an immediate remittance.

C46. 30 Jun 1893. Telegram from Avonmouth     image
Can you send vessel Bullo this spring [tide]. Reply Sharpe [coal merchant], Shirehampton

C47. 29 Dec 1893. Card from Jacobs & Son [millers, corn & coal merchants], Burford     image
Please oblige with reply to ours of 23rd by return.

C48. 18 Jan 1894. Card from [Alfred Bevan] Purnell, 40 Lowesmoor, Worcester, [corn & flour merchant], to Kemble & Dash, [Stratford Flour Mills], Stroud     image
Please note that ten sacks of the flour ex-boat were wet.

C49. 18 Jan 1894. Card from Kemble & Dash, Stratford Flour Mills, Stroud     image
We have this day delivered your empty wheat sacks to Mr F C Smart [son of James] as instructed by you – which please note.

C50. 25 Jan 1894. Letter from Jones & Wainwright, timber deal & slate importers, Bristol     image
Yours of yesterday to hand. The bulk of the goods we have on hand are for Mr Hooper, and we have hope of having further order from him. You do not say when you are going to send your trow, and his instructions for prompt delivery are so extremely urgent that we suppose we must make delivery by the first trow that comes. We have promise of another in a day or two.

C51. 16 Mar 1894. Memo from Price Walker & Co Ltd, Gloucester     image
We hear from Mr George Lewis, Reading, this morning that the boat load of Best Archangel Redwood deals, which we sent from here on 22 Feb, have not yet arrived at Reading. Be good enough to say in course of post how this is, or if you are in town tomorrow, we shall be glad to see you.

C52. 26 Apr 1894. Memo from Ryeford Saw Mills, Stonehouse     image
Will you kindly let us know per return the weight of sawdust carried by your boat Brothers from here on 5th inst for Cole & Lewis [bacon curers, Cirencester] Answer 14 tons.

C53. 2 May 1894. Note from [boatmen] Stephens and Davis [at Gloucester?]     image
This is to inform you that we are got here with the boats, but the steamer is not here. She did not come in the smarning.

C54. 20 May 1894. Card from [boatman] James Davis at Diglis, Worcester     image
We shall leave here first tug on Monday morning.

C55. 11 Jul 1894. Letter from H S Higgins, 37 Grosvenor Square, [London] W     image
I am desired by Mr Lawson [MP for Cirencester] to acknowledge receipt of your letter and to say that he has forwarded same to the Board of Trade.

C56. 13 Jul 1894. Letter from H S Higgins, 37 Grosvenor Square, [London] W     image
I send reply to hand this morning from the Home Office respecting your letter. You need not return the enclosure.

C57. 19 Jul 1894. Letter from Little & Mills [solicitors], Stroud     image
I have now obtained a copy of the Severn Bridge Railway Act and shall be glad if you will give me a call tomorrow at any time after 12.15.

C58. 31 Dec 1896. Receipt from Dr J G Barns, The Elms, Wheatley [near Oxford]     image
Professional services for Mr Henry Wheeler, £2 5s 6d.

C59. 31 Dec 1898. Account for July-December 1898 from Clark Brothers, corn, seed and cake merchants, Chalford Flour Mills     image 1     image 2
For oats, maize, bran, horse corn, sharps, rent of field & orchard, beech & ash, etc (details given).

C60. 31 Dec 1899. Account for Jan-December 1899 from Clark Brothers, corn, seed and cake merchants, Chalford Flour Mills     image 1     image 2     image 3     image 4
Oats, bran, grist, rent of field & orchard, extra expense of putting 100qtrs barley in store through non-arrival of boat, etc (details given).

C61. Aug 1904. Account from The Conduit Colliery Co, Norton Canes, Cannock     image
3 Aug 7 tons 6 cwt Shallow Kibbles @ 9s/ton £3 5s 8d
25 Aug 7 tons 3 cwt Yard Nuts @ 8s/ton total £2 17s 2d
Conduit Colliery trucks @ 1s/ton 14s 5d
Carriage to Chalford @ 6s 1d/ton £4 7s 11d £11 5s 2d
Boat account £40 1s 3d £51 6s 5d

C62. 12 Sep 1904. Receipt from James Smith, Stroud, colliery owner & coal factor     image
Enclosed is account credited by cheque to hand £35 3s 5d …. for which I am obliged. Thanking you for past favours and soliciting a continuance of the same. P.S. This leaves a balance of 2s 7d as you will see by account. You didn’t …. off carriage which I pay in full. I did not take your last letter as an order as you only asked how long would it be before I could send 2 trucks nuts, and I replied a few days after receiving the order. Unless I hear from you to the contrary, I will send 2 trucks nuts to Chalford this week.

C63. 15 Sep 1904. Receipt from William Davis, stone merchant & contractor, Chepstow     image
Stone, free on board [barge] Temperance: 6 Sep, 85 tons of 2” broken stone at 3s per ton, £12 15s 0d. 15 Sep: 85 tons of Best Lifts at 2s per ton, £8 10s. Total £21 5s.

C64. 7 Oct 1904. Receipt from Lydney & Crump Meadow Collieries Co Ltd, Cinderford     image
Received the sum of £10 10s 2d by cheque for October account.

C65. 26 Oct 1904. Receipt from the Gloucester Iron & Metal Co, Quay St, Gloucester     image
1½ buckets deadeyes etc 15s, shekels 7s, 4 slings 8s, lamps 2s, 2 pairs of curtains 4s, 1 water beaker & canvas bag 2s – total £1 18s.

C66. 5 Nov 1904. Receipted Account from William Davis, Chepstow, stone merchant & contractor     image
17 Sep. 55 tons lifts per Perseverance @ 2s/ton
30 Sep. 85 tons lifts per Temperance @ 2s/ton
18 Oct. 85 tons lifts per Temperance @ 2s/ton
29 Oct. 85 tons lifts per Temperance @ 2s/ton
4 Nov. 85 tons rough per Temperance @ 1s 9d/ton
4 Nov. 55 tons lifts per Temperance @ 2s/ton

C67. 5 Nov 1904. Receipt from Alfred Phillips [plumber & glazier], Brimscombe     image
Received the sum of four pounds on account.

C68. 24 Nov 1904. Receipt from the Lydney & Crump Meadow Collieries Co Ltd     image
Received the sum of six pounds eleven shillings and two pence. October account £6 17s 7d less discounts 6s 5d by cheque £6 11s 2d.

C69. 9 Jan 1905. Receipt from James Restall     image
Interest on James Smart’s account for half-year ending 25 Dec 1904 £6 5s 0d, and for F C Smart’s account £1 8s 3d.

C70. 1 May 1911. Receipt from the American Dental Co [artificial teeth manufacturers], Cornmarket St, Oxford     image
Received of Mr P Wheeler £1 on account.

C71. 16 May 1911. Receipt from the American Dental Co [artificial teeth manufacturers], Cornmarket St, Oxford     image
Received of Mr P Wheeler £2 for balance.

C72. No Date. Letter from Henry Palmer, Neal’s Farm, Aldbourne, Wilts, willow square [basket] manufacturer, willow shavings for stoves     image
… Barton have wrote to me per the 16s that I deducted for the expense for cutting the timber. You told me to pay the former a pound that we promised him if he would cut it and give the men what I thought was right in beer. There was six of them. I paid 12s, making £1 12s. We agreed with Hill to cut off all the timber and pay him half each. I paid him £1 and …. £1. So in dividing the £1 12s make it right, I paid Mr Barton the balance what was right, but I forgot all the faggot wood at time that you sold. I docked … what you made of it that had to be divided. I do not want anything but what is right.

C73. No date. Photo of Thomas E Ellis [Liberal MP and Welsh nationalist] with a message in Welsh.     image