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GSIA Research Projects in Support of the
Restoration of the Stroudwater Canal

Since October 2006, a total of 29 projects have been carried out or started by the Gloucestershire Society for Industrial Archaeology in support of Phase 1b of the Cotswold Canals Restoration Project. A report has been produced for each project and there is a separate 'overview' report on the work as a whole. Also available is a list of the projects with a brief description of each one. Another document contains summaries of all the project reports.

A key aim of this work is to make the results available as a 'resource' for all who wish to find out more about the canals, particularly those wishing to carry out their own research. Therefore, where possible, much of the material can be accessed on the Internet from this website or downloaded as PDF files.

Please note that all material is provided 'as is' with no warrantry whatsoever and that the material remains the copyright of the contributors or of the people or organisations who have kindly perrmitted their material to included the 'resource' material. If you need information about using PDF files please click here.

Main Downloads

Stroudwater Canal Heritage Projects (Overview)   (PDF   713kB download)

List of Projects               (PDF  114kB download)

Summaries of the Individual Reports   (PDF   164kB download)

List of Projects

[with links to material available on the Internet or for downloading as PDF files.]

S01.Stroudwater Canal Features Influenced by the Ship Canal to Gloucester     PDF   [334kB download]
S02.Research into the Stone Used in the Canal and the Stone Carried as Cargo     PDF   [107kB download]
S03.The Importance of the Canal to the Cloth Mills at Eastington     PDF   [285kB download]
S04.The Stroudwater Pillboxes:  A Review of the WWII Pillboxes Along the Stroudwater Canal       PDF   [3.0MB download]
S05.Stonehouse Parish: Tithe Survey 1839 and 1841Census     PDF   [118kB download]
S06.Eastington, Whitminster and Fretherne with Saul Parishes: Tithe Surveys and 1841 Census     PDF   [168kB download]
S07.Traffic on the Stroudwater Canal:  1775 to 1822       PDF   [2.5MB download]
S08.Traffic on the Stroudwater Canal:  1881     PDF   [206kB download]     Web pages
S09.Some Vessels Associated with the Stroudwater Canal     PDF   [160kB download]     Web pages
S10.Some Vessels in the Purton Boat Graveyard Associated with the Stroudwater Canal     PDF   [950kB download]
S11.Servants (Employees) of the Stroudwater Company     PDF   [167kB download]   Web pages
S12.Public Houses Along the Line of The Stroudwater Canal     PDF   292kB download]
S13.The Ford Brothers of Ryeford     PDF   [3.3MB download]
S14.Tape Recorded Reminiscences of Rev Malcolm Donald Relating to His Campaign to Prevent Closure of the Canal (1954).       ;PDF   [196kB download]
S15.Review of Heritage Database (Structure and Implementation)
S16.Review of Heritage Database  (Content)
S17.Review of Archive Sources in UK Record Offices for Stroudwater Canal Records     PDF   [886kB download]
S18.GSIA Journal Articles Relating to the Stroudwater Canal     PDF   1.2MB download]
S19.Kemmett Canal:  A Photographic Survey in 2007     PDF   [1.2MB download]
S20.Photographic Record of the Stroudwater Canal (Phase 1b Section)     PDF   [109kB download]
S21.Survey of Historic Photographs Relating to the Stroudwater Canal
S22.Recording Mr Les Pugh's Memories of the Canal in Operation in the 1920s
S23.The Wharfs on the Stroudwater Canal     PDF   [55kB download]
S24Stroudwater Canal Walks for Members (Phase 1B)     PDF   [142kB download]
S25.Stroudwater Canal Inspection Reports (1908-1978)    PDF   [1.3MB download]   Web pages
S26.Geology of the Frome Valley between Wheatenhurst and Eastington     PDF   [227kB download]
S27.List of Maps Relevant to Stroudwater Canal Research Projects     PDF   [122kB download]   Web pages
S28.“The Trow”  1990 – 1995:   Articles  Relating to the History and Archaeology of the Canals     PDF   [130kB download]
S29.Tithe Map Information for Areas Affected by Possible New Line of Canal (Phase 1b) PDF   [118kB download]

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